About Us

We're the Magusins. After a long time living in the city, we have decided to take the chance and move closer to nature. And so there was a farewell to life in the great London and a free and long journey to our new land in the countryside. We have built the first cottage on the borders of villages as our first baby arrived, before we settled at our final destination, found ourselves building the farmhouse (with the second girl on the way). This house we swore to never leave. The birds, deers and wild boars would just never forgive us…..

Our past work lives were always in the creative industry. We love to create things, play music, drink wine and nowadays we enjoy (if we have some time) to sleep. One said the most creative performance in the world.  As the days went on and another bricks were laid, another tree, a vineyard planted…more tools, objects in our farmhouse appeared to be needed. And so we continue to create not just a place to live in but also the tools, things that we like to use for living as well as for our adventures in the mountains.

All our products are born out of necessity. The first step before we make them is a simple question; do we really need them? If so, we think as to from what material we create them, will they nicely rot in the ground after some 100 years of use…

Will they last from the perspective of functionality – can our kids find them in their later life and use them again, love them, remember us through these creations and inspirations of the present time - can they inspire them on their journeys of life?

Thank you for stopping by, should you be interested in some of the items we make by hands on this earth, feel free to take them for some coin at this store. We hope they will be great companions and help you to create some nice stories on your journey.

Best wishes,  Tom & Sandra.