Single Front in AG & SS

Single Front in AG & SS

The Freefolk Bushcraft Backpack ''Single Front'' has been handcrafted for adventures or peaceful time in the woods. You can easily fit IN and ON the bag all your gear and supplies needed for weeks in the wilderness. The SingleFront pocket has been made per your requests, in order to carry a bigger items inside and have them IN-HAND.

Made of genuine leather, solid brass or stainless steel hardware and quality waxed canvas Freefolk won't let you down.  We are waxing canvas ourselves, blending four ingredients to meet the best resistance possible. Beeswax included in the blend comes from our bee families we keep close to the farmhouse. This one comes with Stainless Steel hardware (should you wish to have yours with Brass just put a note in the 'comments' upon checking out). Thank you!

Freefolk Bag - Single Front

The Freefolk Bushcraft Backpack ''Single Front'' has been handcrafted for adventures or peaceful tim..

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